Rebuilding After Bankruptcy
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Bankruptcy was designed to give you a second chance.  After bankruptcy, you can move out from under the weight of your debt and start again.  You probably have lots of questions as you prepare to start over financially:  “How do I re-establish credit?  Do I want to re-establish credit?  What’s the best thing I can do to improve my finances?”  The practical information offered here will answer your questions so you’re prepared to rebuild your finances and credit. By following the steps in this program, you can look forward to a brighter future.


Time to make sure you're you! Only the person who was issued the user ID and password is authorized to take this program.

Your user ID and password are case sensitive, so copying and pasting them from the e-mail you received is recommended. 

After you enter the program, you take as much time as you like to read the material. There are no tests to take or time requirements to fulfill; this information is simply provided so you are better prepared to get a fresh start financially.  If you’d like to review this material in the future, please print it before you exit the program.

When you complete the program, please fill out the evaluation. Your opinions help us continually provide quality programs.

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